Herbal Testing is our Passion

Maybe it's because the use of herbs was common in our family or maybe it’s because of the years our staff ethnobotanist / botanist has spent in the foothills of the Himalayas studying pollination, genetic systematics, traditional and cultural uses of plants, and harvesting / conservation practices of herbs in Southwest China,  we are continuously inspired by the incredible value of herbs.

We’ve been providing HPTLC / TLC “fingerprinting” analyses, compliance chemistry, and consulting to herbalists since 1981.  Our dedication to this field has allowed us to optimize and expand our capabilities to serve the herbalist's growing analytical requirements. We extend our services to the entire herbal community - small and large. Equal attention is given to routine analyses as well as to large projects. We can offer assistance on identification or product preparation, compliance issues, or even help you set up your own “in house” testing protocols at your location.

We offer the following most frequently requested analytical techniques: 

- Qualitative HPTLC/TLC

- Quantitative  HPTLC/TLC


- Microscopy

- Trace metals analysis

If there is an analysis or analytical technique that is not listed, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.